B&Q 4 and 6 mile options

Both routes set off from the track and run past the Yorkshire Outlet, and over the big bridge that crosses the railway lines heading towards B&Q.  This involved crossing over busy roads, please use the pedestrian crossings.

Continue running towards the M18 using the path at the bottom of the road embankment, towards the end of this path turn to the right (don’t go under the tunnel which is to your left).  Follow this farm track, go past a gate and at the end turn right (don’t go over the motorway bridge on your left. Follow the track to a sharp right.  This is where the 4 and 6 mile routes change.

The 4 mile route, take a right and follow the path up to the disused railway line, follow this (heading North East) back to White Rose way and turn left, now run past B&Q and back to the track the same way you came out.

4 Mile Route


The 6 mile route, take a left and follow the track to the main road, the A60 Tickhill Road, turn right and run to the roundabout, turn right and run along the dual carriageway (cross it to run on the path).  Follow the dual carriageway and go straight on at the two roundabouts, now run down the hill past the new houses, at the next roundabout turn right and follow the path to B&Q, cross the road and head back to the track the same way you came out.

6 Mile Route