Summer 5k Time Trial

The time trial starts and finishes close to the running track gate, the route is described as follows:

Run clockwise around the Rovers to the shelter, take the first path that goes towards the lake.  Run around the lake clockwise to the end of the hill, take a sharp left (Point A)  running towards Sandy Lane.  Go through the hap in the fence and past the school on your right, take sharp right and run past the aeroplane museum.  When you get to the road at the back of the police station turn right (Point B) and run behind the cinema to the roundabout (Point C).

Make sure you are on the pavement and run along the pavement of Lake Side Boulevard, stay on the pavement until just before Lakeside Bridge, take the ramp on your right that goes down the side of the bridge (Point D) and turn left at the bottom of the ramp and go under the bridge.

Follow the paths with the sharp corners to the corner of the lake, after you run around the long curved section leave lakeside and run on the path stat goes South West (Point E).  Follow this (watch out for tree roots) to where the offices are and take a sharp right (Point F).  Follow this path to the road and take a sharp right on Carolina Way.  Run on the path back towards Lakeside Bridge, just before the bridge take the ramp on your right which takes you back on to Lakeside.  At the bottom of the ramp (Point H) turn left and go under the bridge.

Follow the Lakeside path to where you go up the short ramp and take the sharp right, go through the gap in the fence (Point J).  After about 200m take a left (Point K) and run to the statue (Point L), then to finish with run clockwise around the Rovers stadium back to the start.

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