A few comments from our lovely runners

MH – 21-04-2016

Can I just say a big THANK YOU to everyone at the Pacers for another cracking run. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been a member of DACS for 2 seasons now and tonight was only my 2nd ever run with you lovely lot as I only ever did track before. So glad that Martin James & Janet Hampson talked me into running instead of waiting in the van for Lucy last week. What a great group, you all give DACS a great name and hit the nail right on the head when it comes to what a running club should be like. Keep up the great work. 💪

JL – 09-01-2016

It’s almost a year since I joined The Pacers, back then terrified at the thought of running more than a mile with numerous gripes and general mardiness, it’s been the best year ever in relation to my many years of fitness pursuits and trust me there’s been numerous! Feel particularly toasty inside about the next group of beginners as it’s almost my Pacer Anniversary, you’re all gonna really love it. I promise it will be the best thing you’ve ever done (unless you’ve had babies but that’s different 😍) it might be the Prosecco (it’s part of the DAC membership if you hadn’t guessed) but just want to thank Fiona Gabbitus my constant running buddy who understands the silence, the groans and the euphoria and who has been at my side through many runs, Isobel Hossack a massive inspiration, Janet Laing you know why 😍, Trevor Lambert my amazing father in law (not husband 🙈) who I want to be like when I grow up 😂 and so many more amazing pacer family, if Carlsberg did running clubs they’d have to look to us for inspiration ️xxx

TE – 10-01-2016

I’ve just read a lovely post by Jayne Lambert. It has made me realise how I feel too. I don’t usually write these kind of posts but sometimes things just have to be said. I have never run in my life skipped PE & games at school, joined gyms went for a few weeks then paid membership fees but didn’t go!! Tried Zumba and a few others but never carried on with them. I had always envied those that ran the ‘Race for Life’ so I only wanted to learn to run 5k…I wasn’t joining a club just learning to run so I could do it on my own if and when I wanted too. How wrong I was what a fantastic club so many lovely people couldn’t begin to name you all but you are all amazing. I couldn’t imagine not being a Pacer got to be one of the best things I have ever done you are all so inspirational thank you Jayne Lambert for such a heart felt post and to the rest of the you my ‘Pacer family’ for being so inspirational and supportive. I can’t believe in less than a year I am starting a training plan with Vicky Royle to run my first half marathon, as Tracey Christison put it, with my ‘half marathon virgin’ friends ! I feel so lucky to be part of the club and must thank Carol Cheetham for telling me about you xxxxx

RW – 24/10/2015

In true pacer style we completed park run.. Thank you to all who was at my finishing line I aimed for under a hour and that’s just what I did 57/58 minutes xx

SB – 24/10/2015

Today’s parkrun has reinforced what a great course the Doncaster Pacers couch to 5K training is. How brilliant all the trainers are that give up their time to help us and what an awesome set of people are taking the course. In 6 weeks we have gone from running 1 minute at a time to running a 5k. Everyone cheering and encouraging everyone else.

LR – 05/09/2015

“First parkrun and all under 40 mins. Well done ladies! Proud of us all ‪#‎smashedit‬

SJM – 31/08/2015

“6 weeks ago I couldn’t run for a minute but this miserable rainy Monday I’ve just been out and done my first 5k in 40mins. Can’t thank the pacers team enough, you’re all fab!”

AM – 27/08/2015

“Always feel sorry for the run leader that gets left with me going snails pace at the back but I really do appreciate it! Really enjoying it and I’d never thought I’d say that! Definitely starting to see an improvement and feeling like I’m achieving something! Thanks everyone for being so supportive! See you all Tuesday x”

CW – 29/08/2015

“5k completed!!! On week 6 beginners homework! Can’t believe it, chuffed to bits!! 36 1/2 mins with no walking. ”

LW – 27-08-2015

“Had a great first run tonight , thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome”

DH – 24/08/2015

“5 months ago my cholesterol levels were unhealthy. Too much bad and not enough good. Change of diet and exercise they told me. I’ve done that with the help of my wonderful running buddies.
Had another test last week and have just got results. Perfectly excellent. Just shows another dimension pacers has given me!”