What are the Doncaster Pacers?

The Doncaster Pacers were formed in January 2014 as part of initiative to encourage beginner runners to start running with a group.  The Doncaster Pacers is the “Run England” name of Doncaster Athletic Club.

Everyone who joins the Doncaster Pacers as a beginner runner (at the yearly cost of £47) automatically becomes a Road Runner member of Doncaster Athletic Club,  this means the fee you pay to do one of our beginners courses is all you need to pay for the rest of the year you join in, and the fee includes membership to UK Athletics.  Anyone who joins Doncaster AC as a Road Runner member becomes a member of the Doncaster Pacers – we are one united club! We don’t have a monthly membership fee, you just pay when you join.  This means membership is as low as less than £1 a week and we are able to offer free parking, dedicated toilet and shower facilities, a tuck shop and we are all Volunteers, we even bake treats to bribe you to keep coming.   All money taken for membership goes straight back into supporting our members.

It is completely up to you to decide if you want to run with the group for health reasons, to make friends, to change or improve your lifestyle or even to do the occasional race, we are fully supportive of all motivations!

The beginners course is very gentle and we coach you for nine weeks, twice a week at 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we get you from “couch to 30 minutes” over a nine week NHS designed training plan.  We have nearly 20 trained Leaders in Running Fitness to support you on your running journey.  Many of our run leaders were new to running and enrolled on our beginners course, they enjoyed running so much they wanted to be trained as run leaders.

At the end of the nine weeks, you will get a framed certificate and we will then spend a further 8 weeks continuing to build on your confidence and running ability as we integrate you in to our “intermediate” groups which start at 6:30pm.

If a beginner runner starts the January course and is unable to complete it for any reason, they are welcome to return to the May or September beginner courses and have another go, once you have paid your membership you can run with any beginners or intermediate group for as long as your membership lasts, this goes for any member of Doncaster Athletic Club aged 15 or over.

If you can already run for 5km then you can join our intermediate groups at any time during the year, our groups run between 7 and 12+ minute miles.  Our beginners courses start three times a year and they are very popular.

Any member of Doncaster Athletic Club is welcome to run with the Pacers, perhaps you are injured and wanting a gentle return to running or perhaps you want to meet and encourage our new runners, ultimately we are all Doncaster AC / Doncaster Pacers!