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Our Running Group

Our beginner runners moving on to the intermediate group!

If you have ever done the parkrun or can already run a bit then we are the group for you!

Complete running beginners click here.

Just come down any Tuesday or Thursday at for a run out at 6:30pm and try our intermediate group or one of our more advanced groups.  We arrive from 6:15 to have a chat and do a warm up so we are ready for 6:30.  We have groups of various abilities from race pace of sub 7 minute miles to 14 minute mile runners so what ever your ability we have a group for you.  You can try us for free for a few sessions to see if we are the group for you.  We do not use the track but we train around the lakeside area and we run out to Cantley/ Bessacarr / Intake / Town Moor / Potteric Carr / Wadworth etc…

Training Plans!

Tuesdays we do interval training, these are shorter efforts at higher intensity with a recovery between efforts.  They are suitable for all abilities and not to be worried about.  These sessions are lead by a experienced coach (Paul Brown) or a LiRF who will help you develop your running technique.

Thursdays we do a longer run, this will tend to be for about 1 hour in duration, sometimes a bit shorter or a bit longer.  Because the group is multi-ability the faster runners go further.  We will have several run leaders with the groups to look after all abilities.

We will be splitting the Thursday Groups in to five groups, all the groups will run for about 1 hour (maximum) at different speeds.  The run will finish at about 7:30pm.

The leaders will always try and be with the groups but sometimes we will be short (illness, other commitments, work, families) – if your group has no leader then one the other members of the group will have to stand in please.

All the groups will have faster and slower members so you will all have to get use to regrouping / looping back 3 or 4 times on the run – no one gets left behind.

You will be placed with groups based on your 5k times, we have given the groups names and hopefully you will, if you want to progress through the groups.

Group 1 – Too stupid to stop – under 25 minute 5k (quicker than 8 minute miles).

Group 2 – PB Hunters – 25 to 30 minute 5k (8:00 to 9:40 minute miles).

Group 3 – The Inbetweeners – 30 to 35 minute 5k (9:40 to 11:15 minute miles)

Group 4 – Racing Snakes – 35 to 39 minute 5k (11:15 to 12:30 minute miles)

Group 5 – Pocket Rockets – 39 to 43 minute 5k (12:30 to 14 minute miles)

An idea of leaders is below, although like the runners sometimes they may switch about.

Group 1 – Up to 7.5 Miles Group 2 – Up to 6.5 Miles Group 3 Up to 5.5 Miles Group 4 – Up to 5 Miles Group 5 – Up to 4.5 Miles

Martin Jame

Janet Kerry



Rose James

Marie-Louise Taylor

Jody Breeze

Tony O’Connor

Stuart Lindsay

Sarah Smith


Vicky Royle

Fiona Gabbitus

Irene Fazakerley

Isobel Hossack

Sharon Waters

Angie Stanley

Vicki Laing

Julie Cull

Andy Hughes

Tracey Christison

Jayne Lambert

Angie Stanley

Vicky Jackson

Susan Beeby

Sarah Machin

Dawn Hollingsworth

Vicky Davies

Suzanne Glossop

Kate Ball

Karen Green

Susan Forbes

Wayne Dorey

5km Time Trial probably 10 May

Planned run routes

 Week No  G1 G2 G3 G4 G5
 1 – 19/04 Potteric Carr Out and Back 30 mins each way Potteric Carr Out and Back 30 mins each way  ? Straight Mile out and back Dome to Carr House Road to White Rose Way
 2 – 26/04

Sandall Beat and Cantley Park


?  ?  ?  ?
 3 – 03/05

B&Q out and back


 ?  ?  ?  ?
 4 – 17/05

Sanndall Beat Loop


 ?  ?  ?  ?
 5 – 24/05

North Bridge out and back


 ?  ?  ?  ?
 6 – 31/05

B&Q Loop


 ? ?  ? ?


We actively encourage our runners to take part at the Doncaster parkrun each week, this is a free event every Saturday morning at Sandall Park .  It starts at 9am and it is 5km, 75% on grass.  Please register at this link and select Doncaster AC as your running club.

If you enjoy running with the group then you can obtain road runner membership for £49 (online).

We are part of Doncaster Athletic Club and if appropriate we will feed athletes through the groups to the coaches so you get the best possible coaching.

We are based at the running track, at the Keepmoat Stadium.  We have full changing facilities, toilets, coffee, tuck shop and free parking.

Typical Run Routes:

Woodfield B&Q – 4 Miles or 6 Miles

Sandall Beat – 4.15 Mile, 5 Miles or 6 Mile options

Town Moor Hills – 10k option or 4 Miles options

Leger Way to Town – 7.2 Miles, 5 Miles and 4.2 Miles Options

Bessacarr Loop  – 7 Miles with hills, 5 Miles and 4.5 Miles Options

5km Time Trial


New Runners Welcome!

For people who can already run please click here.

Our November 2014 graduates, well done everyone. They are now running with the intermediate group.

The next beginners course will start on 14 May  2019 (induction evening 7 May 2019)  – The total cost will be £60,  this includes membership until January 2020 and we pay £18 to UK Athletics / Northern Athletics out of your fee to support our sport.   We even bake treats for you!  All funds go to supporting the kids and you.

For complete beginners we offer 9 week course to get you from couch to 5k, this course is led by qualified “run leaders” and coaches.  The course is designed to be fun 🙂 and is lead by lots of qualified Run Leaders (Our Profiles) as other coaches and runners,   If you know anyone who might be interested please let them know about the course.

The course will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Doncaster Athletic Club at 6pm, which is located at the Keepmoat Stadium, Lakeside, Doncaster.  The course is very gentle and by the end of it, in only 9 weeks you will be able to run for 5km or 30 minutes.   Anyone aged 15 years and over is welcome to join us.  After the 9 weeks the start time moves to 6:30pm and we integrate you in to our intermediate running groups


We believe that the package we are offering offers great value for money.  The nine week course costs £60 and for this you get to run with us until 2019.   We currently have 18 run leaders to help you every step of the way.  We also pay your registration fee worth £15 (out of the £60 membership fee) to UK Athletics and £2 to Northern Athletics which gives you lots of benefits.

The Doncaster Pacers specialise in beginner runners and to ensure you get the best support potable we limit our beginners courses to 3 each year, this is so when the beginners graduate we then put all our resources into helping them develop further to join our intermediate groups.

You can email us at beginners.pacersdac@gmail.com to reserve a place.

If you are interested please complete this form – click here.  You should also let Janet know on 07769 654610  or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to secure your place.

All those who join will get continuing support from our team as long as you want to run with the Doncaster Pacers.

March 2015 Graduates!
  • We all know that exercise is good for us and running is the perfect way to take advantage of the many health and well being benefits at times to suit you.  You will meet lots of new friends and feel great.
  • Great training facilities, changing rooms with coin operated lockers, free car and cycle parking, coffee shop, showers, social events, social media links
  • We are Clubmark accredited (and have been for several years) which means we have developed our club to be a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place ensuring the welfare of our members and encourages everyone to enjoy sport.
  • Upon completion of the course you will all receive a certificate.
  • Individual Training Plans, just ask
  • Great value for money – try comparing us to other sports and fitness clubs in the area who offer facilities to the our standard.
  • The course is run by UKA trained coaches and Leaders in Running Fitness who are all experienced runners and carry full UKA insurance cover.
  • Regular social events.
  • Special “Treat Runs”, you will have to join us to find out more!
  • Come and make lots of new friends! 🙂

We will include training plans to motivate you, advice on nutrition, injury prevention, help you find suitable footware for running and show you how to use your phone to record your runs and the latest technology such as GPS watches.

We have a Secret Facebook group, please ask us to add you to it.

You need to come dressed in comfortable loose clothing and proper road running shoes.  We can give advise regarding footwear.  Keep warm, wear multiple layers (you can always remove a layer if you get hot).   A hat and gloves are recommended on cold nights.  Light waterproof jackets may be required on occasion.

If you want to use our changing and shower facilities then you will need some bathroom kit.


Places are limited so to ensure you can take part on the course please get your name down, to register or to ask any questions please fill in the below form.

You can give Rose a ring on 07856 409994 if you want to have a chat about the course.


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Membership Info

We hope that with this page we can give you the basic information about The Doncaster Pacers (we are the Run England side of Doncaster Athletic Club) You can read more in detail by visiting our main website, www.doncasterathleticclub.com.


For the Pacers, membership of Doncaster Athletic Club costs £52 for the calendar year (new members or renewals), for beginners it is £60, this includes your UK Athletics Registration fee.  You can pay at the cabin or online.

If you want to train on the running track then the fee is slightly more, check the main club website for details.  All these fees include a payment the club makes to register you with UK Athletics.

New members

If you join now, your membership will be valid until December 2018.


If you are already a member, your membership expires at the end of December 2019, you can renew between now and February 2016 (better to do it now).  If you delay beyond the end of February you have to pay an additional £10.

Benefits of Joining

  • Membership of an award winning club
  • Membership to England Athletics
  • More Run Leaders to give you support than any other club in the area
  • Access to social functions and events
  • Experienced coaches available for advice
  • Competition at your own level
  • Supportive and friendly culture
  • Unlimited use of our facilities…

Our Facilities

  • Free on site car parking
  • 6 Lane ‘A Grade’ athletics track
  • Private changing & showering rooms
  • Tuck shop
  • Comprehensive equipment for all disciplines

Training Times


Tuesday & Thursday (18:00-20:00)

  • Beginners groups 18:00 till about 18:30
  • Road Running 18:30 till typically 19:45
  • Tuck Shop Open
  • Reception Desk Open